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Collective Notebook for Conference Discussions #TheoDigi2

Published onApr 23, 2021
Collective Notebook for Conference Discussions #TheoDigi2

This pub is meant to collect thought for the concluding discussion of our conference at the end of Saturday.

Please leave here your thoughts about:

  • topics that we touched upon but should revisit

    • table/list of binaries we use…

      • binary/nonbinary

      • matter/transcendence

      • technology/human

      • human/Christ

      • technology/Christ

      • naturalness/gender and race constructions

      • presence/absence

      • synchronous/asynchronous

      • material,physical/virtual

  • connections that emerged between the different papers and sessions that merit discussion

    • anthropology

    • knowledge - data - know-how - information…

      • different kinds of knowledges

    • images and descriptions of the “divine”

      • including angelology/katechon

  • meta-observations

    • triangle digital - theology - politics as a frame? how to relate to one another? how do our topics relate to them?

    • Is it legitimate to link theological questions to models of thinking? Are there other historic examples to this? theology is a syncretistic movement

    • Is is about new vs. old? Or is it about not paying attention to what is/was here all the time? Is the concept of continuity itself an outcome of power?

    • Do we “like” disruptions?

    • What are the affordances of continuity?

    • Do our theological blueprints fit too easily?

  • new ideas

  • inspirations for future collaborations, projects, discussions…

  • feedback to the organizers on any aspect of the conference

  • ..

Carsten Schuerhoff:

I am still thinking of (and probably we are coming to this in the next section) of place/embodiment - when, where, who? And how to bridge/interface/connect spaces/places?

And - not sure where to put it and how to formulate it precisely: the question of subjects (and probably: normativity).

Carsten Schuerhoff:

Or: the need for disruptions?

Kate Ott:


Kate Ott:

How about the links between storytelling and images/imaging that come up in many of the papers?

Kate Ott:

Importance of theologies that center disability, queer, and anti-racism theories and maybe even childist approaches from the intersection of Saturday’s conversation.

Frederike van Oorschot:

Reading the papers, I see an ongoing negotiation about images of the divine and technology - at least in terms of language and metaphors.

Frederike van Oorschot:

I see an underlying dimension in anthropology in some of the papers - may be we can reframe some of our questions as aspects of a media anthropology as well…

Frederike van Oorschot:

From Michael: This connection of craft or knowledge-how and episteme/knowledge reminds me a bit of Hanna’s discussion of power and knowledge. I wonder if an emerging theme for our conversations is new paradigms of knowledge/knowing in the digital/information scape?

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