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Dennis Dietz, Heidelberg

Profile Sheet | "Permanently Normative?"-Project

Published onJul 01, 2022
Dennis Dietz, Heidelberg

1 | Formal Information

Dennis Dietz, Dr. theol., Heidelberg School of Education (joint institution of the University of Heidelberg and the Heidelberg University of Education)
Institutional website

2 | Our project aims to reflect on values in school, pastoral care and other care contexts. What academic perspective do I bring to the project with regard to this focus?

I am a research assistant in the HSE cluster "Teaching Values and Neutrality" and am involved there in various projects on value education and communication. I am particularly interested in the question of "implicit values" that subtly manifest and take effect in school contexts. Prior to my PhD in systematic theology, I completed a school teacher degree (subjects: mathematics and Protestant theology). Furthermore, I have been involved in teacher education for several years and have taught introductory courses in philosophy and ethics to students of all subjects.

I hope to receive inspiration for my work in the teacher education context from the research and perspectives of other disciplines. I find the question of how the training of care workers and the reflection of their professional practices deal with value backgrounds and value communications particularly interesting. In particular, I am interested in the extent to which the presence and manifestation of values play a positive, negative, or possibly no role in asymmetrical relationships (as they exist in school and care work).

In my view, one concrete result could be to develop materials and methods that could be used in cross-professional training.

4 | Further notes

I would be happy if we could form small sub-teams in Copenhagen to work together on a project paper within a year, i.e. until the Heidelberg conference.

Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen:

This is a good concept that we should bear in mind!