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Thomas Arnold, Heidelberg

Profile Sheet | "Permanently Normative?"-Project

Published onAug 24, 2022
Thomas Arnold, Heidelberg

1 | Formal Information

Dr. Arnold, Thomas, Name, *20.8.1987, Akademischer Rat auf Zeit, Philosophisches Seminar, Universität Heidelberg.

 2 | Our project aims to reflect on values in school, pastoral care and other care contexts. What academic perspective do I bring to the project with regard to this focus?

A philosophical, specifically a phenomenological one. Possible contributions center around conceptual work (what do we mean by “values” or “care”) and careful phenomenological descriptions (how do values appear, if they appear? What role do they play, how are they apprehended?). “Care” is a core concept of Heideggerian phenomenology, “value” of Scheler’s.

Since I am teaching (or training) students both within and outside academia, I hope to better understand two things: a) which values do I (unconsciously) presuppose? b) how can I (consciously) relay what I deem philosophical values?  

 4 | Further notes

I am not a specialist in philosophical value-theory, so I am happy to join any team, to listen and to discuss.


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