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Christoph Wiesinger, Heidelberg

Profile Sheet | "Permanently Normative?"-Project

Published onOct 05, 2022
Christoph Wiesinger, Heidelberg

1 | Formal Information

Christoph Wiesinger, Dr., Interim Professor for pedagogics of religion, Darmstadt, Post-Doc, Universität Heidelberg.

2 | Our project aims to reflect on values in school, pastoral care and other care contexts. What academic perspective do I bring to the project with regard to this focus?

My second book reflects the role of religion and ideology on society, culture and the subject. I focus on the field of education and the pedagogics of religion. In doing so, I work out how the radically foreign permeates the constitution of the self as well as our everyday lifeworld and our perception in general. Thus, familiar as well as foreign phenomena become liquid. The foreign precedes the self and permeates it constitutively. This is based on the insight of language as a system of difference. Ideology is inscribed in it, which produces and actualizes its values. Values thus show themselves as categories of difference. The decisive factor in values is their negotiation process and the conflict.

Because I’m starting at a new university, I hope to build up new networks to discuss a) the meta perspectives on values through phenomenological, post-structural or psychoanalytic perspective, b) how we perceive, perpetuate, materialize and reflect values as factors of intersubjectivity, power in behalf of educational effort and c) how we deal with value conflicts and how are they handled, discussed, reflected, calmed and troubled.

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