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Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen, Copenhagen

Profile Sheet | "Permanently Normative?"-Project

Published onJul 01, 2022
Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen, Copenhagen

1 | Formal Information

Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen, PhD in theology, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, University of Copenhagen.

Institutional website:

2 | Our project aims to reflect on values in school, pastoral care and other care contexts. What academic perspective do I bring to the project with regard to this focus?

My research focus is pastoral care. From 2019-2021, I’ve worked with the concept of shame from a systematic point of view, trying to establish a distinction between shame, shamefulness, and shamelessness. This distinction should enable a more nuanced way of relating to one’s own shame, and the shame of others. Shame is inherently connected to norms, ethics, cultural values, but also to questions of authority and power. It is my hope in the coming years to analyze how pastors handle shame in their practice of pastoral care. My contribution to our shared project is thus both theoretical knowledge of shame and an interest in how the values that manifest themselves in experience of shame are handled in the practice of pastoral care.

I am so pleased that this group has come together, first of all because of the interdisciplinary exchange that can be established through our very specific focus on negotiations of values in concrete practical settings and in philosophical analysis. A secondary hope is to get to know people with a specific interest in pastoral care. I am also lucking for further funding opportunities, wherefore I will keep my eyes open for further perspectives that can be explored on the basis of this network.

4 | Further notes

Nothing further to add.


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